A person who wishes to adopt a minor child or adult person in the State of Indiana must do so through a court administered proceeding. The process is managed by the petitioner’s adoption attorney who works with court staff to create a bank of historical records relative to the adoption process. If the adoption is granted by court order, the petitioner will become the legal parent of the adopted person. In the eyes of the law the parent-child relationship is no different from that which exists between a biological parent and child. The adoptive parent and child have exactly the same rights and duties as any biological parent and child.

The legal process begins with the filing of a petition for adoption filed in the County where either the petitioner or “child” resides. The process will require a criminal background check on the petitioner, a complete health history of the child, a search and report of the putative father registry, which is kept by the Indiana Department of Health.
Once the background checks, health history and putative father registry is collected, a hearing is set for the Petitioner and the adoptive “child” to appear in Court and present evidence satisfactory to the court that the petitioner is a fit and proper person to adopt the child and that the statutory requirements are met.
Biological parents of children who are the subject of an adoption must give their consent by signing a written consent form, acknowledged by a witness, and submitted to the Court at the time of the filing of the petition or within 60 days of the filing. Written consent is not required where the biological parents lose their parental rights through CHENS proceedings. Married petitioners must join in the petition for adoption. This requirement makes it virtually impossible for one spouse to adopt a child without the consent of the other spouse.
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