All fifty states have both state and federal courts. Federal Courts have jurisdiction over matters of federal concern, meaning federal law and in particular federal law that preempts state law when an issue is within the federal government’s exclusive domain. The other type of jurisdiction conferred upon federal courts is known as diversity jurisdiction and it exists where the amount in controversy is equal to or greater than $75,000.00 and two or more litigants are domiciled in separate states.

The challenge for most litigants in federal court is to understand the nuances that separate a procedure in federal court from a very similar procedure in state court. For example, the procedures for a Rule 12(B)(6) motion to dismiss or a Rule 56 motion for summary judgment may look identical to the lay person, but for experienced Indiana trial lawyers there are differences between the two, including those for the timing of a response and differences found in the case law which has been used to interpret what would otherwise appear to be identical federal and state procedural rules. This is where we earn our stripes.

We understand the stress you may be experiencing if you are dealing with a federal court case. Knowing all of your legal options can help you make decisions off facts. We regularly represent litigants in matters in federal court both on federal questions of law and through diversity jurisdiction. If you have a case that is in federal court or likely will be, we have the knowledge and experience to take up the challenge. Call an Federal litigation attorney in Indianapolis today for a free telephone consultation. Call 317-939-3000.

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